In Process

After several months (honestly, though, it's been about a year) of backpedaling and stepping to the side, I've begun revisions on Manetowak in earnest.

Image credit Arthur Rackham

Image credit Arthur Rackham

While there's a part of me that thinks the book is publishable in its current form, I don't think it is complete. Having written up four drafts over about four years' time, there's room left for one more iteration. The plot is going to remain essentially the same, but I'm adding in a significant supporting character and changing several significant traits of the characters. The new character is more than enough to flavor the novel completely differently.

When I have a first chapter exactly where I want it, I'll send it out in an email update (though you'll have to wait for the rest of the novel from a publisher or Amazon).

A very good friend and I are also discussing illustrations for the novel. Updates on those when they are relevant will be posted here too.