I've written a number of essays and reviews for Kill Screen online. Here is an overview of all my work published so far.

Kill Screen
"A True Gothic" 02.12
“Infected Zones” 04.30.12
“A Low End Theory” 05.14.12
“The Pitch Black Plaguescapes of Orihaus” 10.21.14
“Eagle Scouts” Kill Screen 7
“What Can Our Smartphones Say to Stilt Houses?” 05.28.12
Closure“Can A Videogame Give You Closure?” 05.15.12
Wayward Souls: “Wayward Souls Will Eat You Alive” 05.07.14
The Wolf Among Us 2014
  Episode 1
  Episode 2
  Episode 3
  Episode 4
  Episode 5
Sunless Sea: "Sunless Sea is Heart of Darkness as written by HP Lovecraft" 02.19.15
"Digging in to the Southeast Asian Bootleg Videogame Cutscene Economy" 05.14.15

Other Works

Pathologistics (Blog)
In 2011, Kevin McLenithan and I co-wrote a blog called Pathologistics that got a fair readership as we chronicled our playthroughs of the cult Russian plague simulator Pathologic.

"Ghibli's Moving World" Christ and Pop Culture
Part memoir and part reflection on what Studio Ghibli's films have meant to me. In this piece, I dig into my memories growing up overseas in Indonesia and the hardships and blessings wrapped up in living on the mission field. Papua was a beautiful untamed place--fertile bedding for a young imagination.